Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sunny Saturday Share: Tropical & Fruity Summer Cards

Hi there!  How have you guys been?  I feel like it's been forever since we've had an open Saturday available to share some lovely customer creations!  There are so many beauties I've spotted over the past month on social media.  Here are a few that really caught my eye...

Tropical Paradise Cards by Nancy Damiano (@nancydamiano on instagram)

Sunny Studio Stamps: Tropical Paradise Summer Island Themed Cards by Nancy Damiano

Sunny Studio Stamps: Fresh & Fruity Life Is Sweeter with Friends Card by AJ Bodine

Sunny Studio Stamps: Fresh & Fruity Strawberry Card by Juliana Michaels

Sunny Studio Stamps: Fresh & Fruity Watermelon & Cherry Cards by Kimberly Rendino

Fresh & Fruity Card by Maggie (@rahzicrafts on instagram)

Sunny Studio Stamps: Fresh & Fruity Perfect Pear Anniversary Card by Maggie

Fresh & Fruity Card by Maggie (@rahzicrafts on instagram)

Sunny Studio Stamps:  Fresh & Fruity Fruit Birthday Card by Maggie

Tropical Paradise Card by Taunya Butler (@taunyabutler on instagram)

Sunny Studio Stamps: Tropical Paradise Flamingo Card by Taunya Butler

Stars & Stripes Card by Claire Broadwater (@clairecreatescards on instagram)

Sunny Studio Supplies:
I have been busy creating all sorts of cards using four brand new stamp sets that will be released on July 1st.  Make sure to tune in next week for some sneak peeks and again the last week of June for our special inspiration week with prizes each day leading up to the official release!  

I'm also conducting a survey on ink pads and would like to know when it comes to dye inks if you prefer felt or foam pads.  I hope you will give me your feedback using the poll in the top left corner.  I'm looking at adding a line of inks in the future.  Currently I'm leaning towards using a dense foam pad, but I want to make sure I'm not alone in my love for them.   Feel free to comment and leave me more of an explanation too.   ;)

In the meantime I hope you will continue to tag us with the hashtag #sunnystudiostamps and share your beautiful projects with us on Instagramour facebook page or in our flickr group!  

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!  :)


  1. GORGEOUS!! and very inspiring indeed!

  2. Thanks for sharing my cards!!! Can't wait to see your new stamps :). I also like the foam ink pads....too often I get the texture from the felt pads on my stamp - and that drives me nuts!

  3. Just wanted to say--can't wait to see the new stamps! I like foam ink pads too, especially if they don't stain the stamps too much :).

    Chris L.

  4. Such an inspiring grouping of cards!! So much incentive from everyone. I put "no preference" for ink pads but really find it makes a difference who the manufacturer is. Some felt pads leaves lines and some foam pads dry out much too quickly.

    1. Thank you Maggie! The manufacturer I'm considering using has a history of being super juicy. :)

  5. When is your next new release. And the cards are all beautiful


    1. Thank you Kathleen. The next release will be for sale starting on July 1st. We will also have a small Fall release following on August 12th. :)

  6. Wow some amazing cards here.... great share for inspiration!!!! And I had no clue you were thinking of bringing on some inks!!! Exciting! Foam pads for me!

  7. Mendi - I am so unbelievably thrilled that you included my card in your post today!! So happy - all of the cards are so marvelous and I just love how impressive it is to see so many people using your products - so excited and happy for you - and a new release - Holy Cow I am EXCITED about that!!


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