Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Perfect Popsicles Well Wishes Card with Karin

Hi everyone, it's Karin here. I'm back to share a new card that I've created with Perfect Popsicles, from the new release! It is a wonderful release - you can combine many/all of the sets to create cute and fun summer themed cards!

Sunny Studio Stamps: Perfect Popsicles Well Wishes Popsicle Card by Karin Akesdotter

The Perfect Popsicles set is really perfect. I could stamp a hundred and still be amazed at how easily they come together to build a 3D image, once I stamp my last layer. They are fast and easy to create with and will be awesome for so many different kinds of projects. I can see them being perfect not only for birthday cards and for invitations to summer parties, but also for simple "pop by to say hi" cards. 

And the Heartfelt Wishes set is a must have. So great to use together with the Wishes die, to create lots of different and very useful sentiments. I just love it.

Sunny Studio Supplies Used:


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  7. Adorable card!!!!! These popsicles look so realistic!

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  9. cute card. I am very confused by the comments on this page.


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