Monday, April 17, 2017

Pirate Pals Birthday Card with Eloise

Hello everyone! Eloise here and today I have a fun card using the new Pirate Pals stamp set. This is such a great stamp set for boy cards, it's super adorable and so much fun to colour! Today I decided to go ahead and create my own sort of patterned paper with all the stamps and colour them with Copic markers.

Sunny Studio Stamps: Pirate Pals Boy Birthday Card by Eloise Blue

To begin my card I stamped out all my images on a piece of white cardstock. I wanted to feature all three of the pirates, so I began with stamping those 3 first, in a triangle. Then I could fill in with the rest of the images. I again started off with the bigger images I wanted to use, so the barrel, ship, map etc and stamped those around most of the places. Now for any medium sized gaps I used the parrot to fill in and also the telescope. Then for any tiny gaps I pulled in the skull and crossbones and also the anchor. That made my background really full and not to have much white space. You could even go a step further and use the coins and other smaller images in the stamp set and fill in more, but I was satisfied with this look. Once all my images were stamped, I could colour them in.

When I first started the card I thought I wanted to go down the watercolour route, but I wasn't liking how it turned out so I re-stamped and went the Copic route. Now I knew this was going to take a long time to colour with heavy blending Copic colouring, so to make it go faster I decided to only use two markers, and not even blend properly. I just coloured the section with the lighter marker first, then went in on the sides where I think the shadows would be and just drew a line, or traced the outline of the image, to make it appear it has a shadow, and in the end after all the colouring was done, one it looked great for a background, without perfect Copic colouring and two, it took half the time.

Sunny Studio Stamps: Pirate Pals Boy Birthday Card by Eloise Blue

Once the colouring was done, I felt like it didn't pop enough. So I took two very light blue Copic markers and traced roughly around the outside of the images, and that just took the background to a whole other level and made it look even more amazing.

To finish up my card I adhered my coloured piece to a yellow piece of cardstock and then onto a card base. For my sentiment I white heat embossed the sentiment that reads 'Shiver Me Timbers! I Hear It's Your Birthday!' and I did that on some dark blue cardstock. I cut a fishtail banner at one end of the piece and then tied a hemp cord bow around the other end and adhered it to the card with foam tape and that finished up my card for today.

I hope you enjoyed and got inspired! I'm absolutely loving this new release, I hope you are too! Check out the rest of the week for more inspiration using the new release!

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  1. It always makes me happy to see a stamp set that has boys in mind. I have no females in my family except me. Husband, sons, grandsons, men everywhere I look, lol. I especially love this set because my grandson's name is Arthas and I always call him Arrrthas.

  2. Oh Eloise, this really is adorable, love it!

  3. This card is perfect for a little boy! Love it!

  4. Hi Eloise ~ This card would make any little boy (or girl!)happy to receive. Love your two-marker coloring; no need to be fancy-schmantzy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can't wait to stop by your booth at the expo
    The card is beautiful


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