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Blissful Baking and Tag Topper Dies DIY Gift Bags with Eloise (Video)

Hello everyone! Eloise here and today I'm going to show you how to create your own goodie bags using the Tag Topper dies - specifically the Semi Circles set, but you can use the others if you prefer. I'm going to have a video included with this post, so it's easier to explain the process. I love little goodie bags like this especially for Christmas time and when these dies first came out, I had the idea to do this. It's so fun to be able to use your dies to create these goodie bags and to customise it to almost any size you like.

Along with the "Semi Circle" dies, for my goodie bag today I'm going to be using the "Blissful Baking" stamp set along with a couple other Sunny Studio stamp sets to embellish my bag today as well.
Sunny Studio: Christmas Gift Treat Box by Eloise Blue (using Sunny Semi Circle Dies & Little Angels & Blissful Baking Stamps).

To begin my goodie bags today I'm first going to start off with two pieces of patterned paper cut to the exact same size. I always cut down my paper according to the width of the die I'm going to be using. For the goodie bag here I'm going to use the 2nd largest die in the "Semi Circles" die set, which is 3 1/2' wide, so I cut down my paper to 3 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" tall. Then from there I can decide how tall I want my goodie bag to be. I wouldn't recommend going taller than the 5 1/2", just because you're going to find it harder later on when you create the "base" of your goodie bag. Unless you have paper longer than 12" or you want to go down the route adhering paper together to make it longer - you can do this, but it just takes more time.

Once I've cut down my paper  - I'm just using some older patterned paper from October Afternoon here, I'm going to go ahead and use the dies to cut off the top, to give it a nice shape. I just lined up my die on top to my desired height and adhered it down directly in the centre of the panel. Once it's lined up on once piece, I flipped my second piece of paper over and put it behind the first piece, then I went ahead and adhered those together as well with some washi or low tack tape. This just ensures you have two pieces that are cut the exact same and with using patterned paper, it should have to problem going through your die cutting machine. Now that those pieces are cut, the "bag" pieces look like an arch. Now I'm going to cut the handle. I'm using the 4th largest die that comes in the set - depending on the size you use, you want the handle to be 2 sizes smaller than the die you used to cut the top of your bag, it just makes for a nice sized handle. I'm then going to line that up on the one piece of paper, adhere it down with tape and then repeat the same step as before - adhering the two pieces of paper together so they cut in the exact same spot on both pieces. Then I ran it through my big shot machine. Now, with these dies they don't cut the bottom, so I just went in with a craft knife and a ruler and cut a straight line across the bottom of the semi circle and now that has created the beginnings of my goodie bag.
Sunny Studio: Christmas Gift Treat Box by Eloise Blue (using Sunny Semi Circle Dies & Little Angels & Blissful Baking Stamps).

Now I'm going to go ahead and create the base of the goodie bag. I'm going to use the same patterned paper I used for the front and back of my goodie bag. I first cut down this piece to 2" wide. You can can cut this piece to whatever width you want here, I want a 1" wide goodie bag, so I cut my piece to 2" wide - but if your making this and you want it to be 5" wide, then cut your paper at 6" - since you're going to need an extra 1" on it since you'll need 1/2" either side for adhering later on. Now that the width is cut, I need to figure out the length. I went ahead with my ruler and measured how high I need my sides to be. Mine worked out to be 3" on each side and 3 1/2" at the bottom - so I cut down the length of my cardstock to 9 1/2". But again, if you're making this, just measure with your ruler to figure it out and cut accordingly.  Once everything is cut I can go ahead and score it.

I pulled a large scoring tool out and then scored my piece at 3" and 6 1/2", so then you have a section of 3", 3 1/2" and 3" again. I then flipped my paper long ways and scored each end at 1/2". Now that my piece is all scored I'm going to cut little triangles. I cut a triangle at the 3" mark - just like you would a banner end and then also at the 6 1/2" mark - on both sides of the paper. This will just make it easier to adhere it together. Then at the ends of my piece I just did a small soft of half triangle cut compared to the triangle cut I did before - just to finish off the sides (This will be shown and explained better in the video). Now I can go ahead and place strips of adhesive along all the folded sides. I used tape adhesive here as liquid glue is too messy. I then went ahead and lined up the edges of the score lines with the sides of the bags and adhered my bag together. I also used a bone folder to push down on the sides so the adhesive sticks well.
Sunny Studio: Christmas Gift Treat Box by Eloise Blue (using Sunny Semi Circle Dies & Little Angels & Blissful Baking Stamps).

To decorate up my bag I stamped, coloured and die cut some images from the "Blissful Baking" stamp set along with the angel and banner from "Little Angels" stamp set too. I used my Zig Clean Color pens to do all my colouring today. Once I had coloured all my images and die cut them out, I stamped the sentiment from "Blissful Baking" stamp set in the banner from "Little Angels", I just cut my stamp apart to stamp it next to each other, instead of on top like originally intended.  I then used a mask I'd previously cut and used the negative piece to place around the banner and ink blend with some green Distress Inks over top. Before adhering my scene together I wanted my little angel to be holding the piping bag, so I used a craft knife to cut around her hand and stuck the piping bag underneath - it just looked super cut this way.

Now I needed a holding ground for my images and sentiment so I die cut a circle from some kraft cardstock and adhered it onto my bag, then using foam adhesive I adhered the rest of my images on top. To finish up my bag, I used the "Tag Topper Traditional" die set to cut a little kraft tag and used the "Christmas Icons" stamp set to stamp the handmade with love sentiment on the bottom. I used the edge of a stitched die to give some stitching detail on the bottom of the banner as well. I also then used the bag image previously coloured to stick on top as well to finish it up. For the bag image, it doesn't come with the heart image inside, I just had stamped that in from the "Birthday Smiles" stamp set also - just to give it a little extra. I added some hemp cord and red twine to tie a bow at the top, tying the two sides of the handle together, threading the tag inside and that finished up my goodie bag for today.

Here is the video.

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I hope you enjoyed and are inspired to look at your tag dies a little differently. This is such a fun way to create your own goodie bags in personalised sizes. The possibilities are endless with this and just in time for the holidays if you don't already own goodie bag dies. Thanks for stopping by and stop by the rest of the week for more inspiration!

- Eloise 

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